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  from the 344 page book 
Dr. J. Glenn Knox BA, DC
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The Colon Therapy Journal, now in its sixth edition, is an in depth magazine providing approximately 250 pages of text free for your viewing. This is the best in clinical and health information relating to colon therapy, enemas and colonic irrigation relating to health. Articles to date cover the use the enema in labor and delivery during childbirth, the use of the enema in treating colds and flu, easing the symptoms of colitis and irritable bowel syndrome by soothing enemas, helping cancer patients by removal of toxic waste by colonic irrigations & enemas, correcting candida and removing constipation with the help of the enema.  It is a source of knowledge about the enema and its proper uses. The Colon Therapy Journal is a source of health knowledge.   The main articles from the magazine  here are: Childbirth and Enemas, Colds and Flu,  Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Cancer, Candida and Constipation. Each of the articles, Childbirth & Enemas, Colds & Flu, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Cancer, Candida, and Constipation, discusses why and how the enema, enemas and colonic irrigations help,  as well as describing conventional and alternative treatments for  and explain why  natural, healthful living helps colds & flu, irritable bowel syndrome, cancer, candida and constipation improve and they may  need never happen. Childbirth, labor and delivery is not prevented by healthful living, the enema,  enemas or colonic irrigations. Labor and delivery is made easier by the use of the enema. The Wedding Ceremony is a 26 page article on a 2 week ceremony to weave lovers into  spiritual, mental and physical unity. These articles are  FREE to read at the Colon Therapy Journal page. Read and use them to make a better world, a world with a  more health, and less colds & flu, irritable bowel syndrome, cancer,  candida and constipation, and easier deliveries at childbirth.

Love Thine Enemas & Heal Thyself, a 344 page book on enemas and colonic irrigation, exposes the psychological, sexual, spiritual and political aspects of one of the most intimate and gentle of medical treatments--- the enema. It is a very natural, yet deeply challenging treatment. All who were toilet trained have some inhibitions about recieving a good enema.  Despite this, the enema is a very common experience. In  Europe an enema is called a lavement, klyster, klistier, klysma, clistere, clisma, tarmindhældning, darm-einlauf, coloclistere, enteroclisma, clysma, rectale injectie, darmspoeling, einlauf, lavaggio intestinale,  stólpípa, êëèçìà, beöntés, lewatywa, wlew, klystýr, neprijatelj, protivnièka strana, klistir, å÷èñüò, etc. This is only in  Europe. Enemas are more commonly used in  India, the Middle East, Africa and the Far East where enemas are known by other names. To view the first chapter in the book, How to Give an Enema, go to  Love Thine Enemas & Heal Thyself.   This chapter gives knowledge necessary to safely give and take an enema. Enemas are tools for health that have very few negatives, are among the most ancient and safest of all medical treatments. Enemas can be great aides to  health.  A sense of well being, clearness, cleanness and euphoria follows an enema. Perhaps this is why enemas are used by sects of Christianity, Islam, Judiasm, Hinduism and other religious faiths for purification and atunement to God. Use this knowledge. Have a better life.